Authors You Can’t Go Wrong With

I thought I would post a quick blog on the authors that I really think are gold. If I see their name as I am perusing through a thrift store I buy their book immediately to read myself or to give away.


John Piper

Francis Chan

John Stott

J.I. Packer

Elizabeth Elliot

Jerry Bridges

Louis Priolo

Paul David Tripp

Anne Ortlund

Graeme Goldsworthy

Don Whitney

Martin Lloyd-Jones

Tim Chester

Alistair Begg



D.A. Carson

Thomas Schreiner

Alec Motyer

G.K. Beale

Kevin Vanhoozer

Richard Bauckham

Andreas Kostenberger

T. Desmond Alexander

Iain Murray

Bruce Waltke

John Sailhamer

Alexander Strauch


The Old Gold

Jonathan Edwards

John Owen

John Bunyan

Charles Spurgeon


Honourable Mention

Douglas Wilson (major disagreements on his covenantal theology as applied to children etc.)

John MacArthur (major disagreements on his rapture theology and cessationism)

Tim Keller (baptizes babies but otherwise awesome)

C.S. Lewis (wonderful but just says some weird stuff occasionally)

N.T. Wright (has some major problems [depending on how you understand him] regarding the nature of justification…but his sheer volume and academic rigor, not to mention his strong benefit on issues of the historicity of the resurrection, means that you shouldn’t Wright him off)


Who have I missed?


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