Real Social Justice

It is a trend for Millennials, like me, to be more politically active, more cause-driven, and more concerned with things like social justice. I am happy about that. It’s nice to be part of a generation that has some fire in their bones, caring about causes, injustices, and being “radical” and stuff. Really, it is. But one of my contentions is that if we want real social justice, then we need a real, tranformational, all-encompassing vision for what that entails – for most social justice means drink a coffee that came from beans where the farmers actually got paid. Well good. Do that. We should. But if we are going to have a real, good, holistic Christian vision for social justice – and I really believe in that kind of thing – just like Habakkuk and the rest of the Old Testament prophets did (chapter 2) – then we are going to have to get some real backbone and start exposing those nastier parts of our society – and a good place to start would be calling our country to repent of their child sacrifice. Down the road from where I live in Edmonton there is an abortion clinic. The windows are dark. There is no signage you can see from the road. All there is I think is a little sign on the side door that says “Woman’s Health Options Ltd.” It’s quiet. It’s deceptive. It’s a hidden, little altar to Molech. And the last thing I want to do as a Christian is drive past feeling happy that I’m drinking a fair-trade brew.


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