Apparently Justin Trudeau is already setting up marijuana dispensaries across the nation. Apparently.
Wherever you land on the issue of marijuana decriminalization/legalization the fact is that for the Christian it should be a total non-issue. Getting high – getting “stupid” – is sin. It is an offense to God. It is an abuse of the faculties He entrusted to you with. It is poor stewardship in the extreme. It is the same thing as drunkenness but perhaps worse…
Back in the day people would quote me this verse from 1 Timothy 4:4: “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving…” So, they said, “receive the dope with thanksgiving, man!” To which I say, how can you give thanks for anything when you’re that doped up? Furthermore, God also created lightning bolts. Think about that. Should we receive them too? Make like Ben Franklin and go fly a kite…

Legal weed

So now that I’ve established it’s sinfullness – let’s discuss the whole legalization thing:

I want to begin by reminding people that there is in fact a difference between a sin and crime. Of course, that is a problematic distinction to make, but it’s also an important and necessary one. For example, murder is both a sin and a crime. And rightly so. Yet, there are a whole host of sins that we ought not criminalize – lust, bitterness, covetousness, etc. That’s because we we don’t want a massive, totalitarian, “statist” country. It would be ugly. Nobody wants the coveting police to be snooping through our Facebook posts, looking for any whiff of envy. Laws have their limits. Governments too, contrary to popular opinion, have their limits. And I say all this because when it comes to marijuana the courts of the church, so to speak, will do a much better job of dealing with the sin of it than the courts of the country can do with the crime of it. So yes – I think getting high, like getting drunk, should be placed in the “sin” category but probably not in the “crime” category (unless of course, you get into a car doped up – or a cockpit). Although I’m no policy-maker…and I could be grievously wrong as everything shakes out in the next twenty years.
However, based on the above reasoning, it follows then, that just because something is decriminalized, or legalized, doesn’t mean that it is now moral. No. Again, there is a difference between a sin and a crime. The prohibition of alcohol was lifted years ago – getting slammed on a Friday night is still a sin. Period.
The reason this is all so important to stress is that for years now, as Christians have been able to say to people, “Don’t smoke weed because it’s illegal.” All the while what we should have been saying was, “Don’t smoke weed because it’s immoral. It grieves God.”
It’s high time that Christians (and churches) affirmed, wholeheartedly, and preferably before the dispensaries are installed in every neighborhood, that getting high is wrong in the eyes of God whether or not society recognizes and enforces that conclusion. We need to hold each other to a higher ethic than the shifting standards of “Babylon.”
And that’s because Babylon (the world systems represented in the Apocalypse as that blaspheming harlot) will soon be no more (Revelation 17). And the New Jerusalem will be descending shortly (Revelation 21). So I’d like to close with a personal invitation for anyone reading this to get ready for that new reality – believe in Jesus and then await his coming with a sober mind.
“Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:13 ESV).

Also, watch this. It’s interesting:


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