Wide Awake in the Free World

Today is Remembrance Day. I slept in for the first time in weeks. I’m writing this now on the bus to the ceremony downtown. I’m very thankful for a day to rest, and remember.

Not everyone got to sleep in on this day in 1918. They woke up, if they slept at all, and went to fight. But this morning I enjoy peace and freedom because they did.

So today is a day to remember those who fought and died for our freedoms. And that is good to remember. We are free. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly. In many countries around the world they don’t have those freedoms. Write a cartoon or publish a book and a fatwa is on your head.

One if the wonderful things that Liberalism (classically defined) and Christianity believe in is the freedom of the individual. Freedom of speech. Freedom to vote. My big claim is that this all comes ultimately from the awareness of the image of God on man, the doctrine of the imago dei. As such, we ought to celebrate this freedom, defend it, and fight for it.

Okay bus just pulled up to the service. Got to go remember…


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